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Torrii Rogers / Essence Illumination Coach

Torrii Rogers
Owner of Journeys

Torrii is a native of Salem, who has been dedicated to the community in offering new and unique ideas for holistic healing. She has over 20 years of experience in the area of sales, and is excited to embark on this adventure. Torrii is loving and caring, and always eager to embrace personal growth. We are so excited to stand with Torrii as she blends her spirituality with her true purpose in life.


My Story

As a child I came from a home where it seemed impossible to keep my heart open. My family came from abuse, hard times, and a very unloving environment. I too experienced difficult challenges along the way and found myself in many of the same positions as my family. I never understood what was “wrong” with me and I searched high and low to find my way. My family didn’t go to church and I wanted a connection to God, so I would go with anybody in the neighborhood that would take me. This was a great experience in that I was able to see many different religions at work and I always connected to Spirit though the music. But it never quite gave me what I was looking for. I tried every career in the book, florist, cosmetologist, outside sales, cake decorating, Travel Agent, and the list goes on…. and on…. Nothing seemed to “feel” right. I started to look at things differently, playing with Tarot, crystals and meditating. These things all helped me “feel” more in tune with Spirit than I had before.

 I went in and out of relationships attempting to attain some sort of connection to love, but found one dead end after another. I had a really bad break-up and was just starting to wake up to what I was doing to myself and those in my life. In 2002 I met Lisa, and we couldn’t be more similar and more different. The world started to mix our energies to find a perfect balance of our essences. We didn’t know at the time what a gift was being offered to us through pain, loss, challenges, and differences in beliefs. I broke the rules, she tried to enforce them. Spirit gave us just what we needed. She was my first real connection to love and I was her first real connection to acceptance.  We are still riding the waves the universe has given us, but we can both see that we are more than we ever imagined.  I have learned that I don’t have all the answers, but “know” a lot, that I was incredibly numb but starting to “de-frost”, and that I can’t wait for what is coming. I just know it’s awesome. I am all in now, ready for the adventure of a lifetime….


Torrii Rogers
Psychic Coach
Essence Illumination Coach
Reiki Master

Torrii is a psychic coach that moves people through their fears and inhibitions to their true gifts. Her area of specialty is focused on individuals who hear, see, feel, or know messages of some sort, but have no idea how to use or channel them. Torrii has a laser like ability to cut through ego, and awaken the gifts within.

Torrii doesn't see clients one on one very often anymore, due to the demands of owning a business, but if you feel lost and aren't aware of any other options or ideas, she may be able to help or guide you in the right direction.