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Larry T.

January 2013

Thank you… Insight or reaching within is always such a beautifully freeing experience. Realizing that no ‘one’ specific experience created how I perceive then act is huge. As a clear picture is immerging of why letting go of ‘what no longer serves me’ becomes instrumental for continued movement, I’m beginning to understand why for so long I’ve played the game of ‘trying’ to stay one step ahead… for the purpose of survival fearing that any less effort would reveal weakness thus validating my illusions. With this cycle firmly ingrained it morphed into a natural somewhat instinctual response of repetitive conclusion. All the while rather than listening I fought on… strengthening the illusion without a clue. I see now that this behavior became so comfortable that I lost awareness of it as well as its beginnings. I’ve been a victim of my own creation.
Then a beautiful thing happened…Journeys. Torrii, you captured me by simply being Torrii, such a beautiful spirit. You allowed me discovery while nurturing my needs and honoring my process, you gently guided me with friendship, acceptance and love through the door of freedom where I have never had a thought of turning back.
Lisa, you’ve offered me a path filled with the opportunities of exploration, awareness, understanding and acceptance; a friend, standing with me in truth, loving me, sharing with me… allowing me to breathe.
Torrii and Lisa, together you have guided me to who I am, the spirit I am meant to be in this process of perfection. Through you I have regained the awareness of being one with all. I am awakening… and for this I am and will always and forever be eternally grateful.

Torrii and Lisa have guided me to who I am, the spirit I am meant to be in this process of perfection. Through them I have regained the awareness of being one with all. I am awakening.

Susan N.

November 2012

I work with the "business management" side of Journeys and was graciously invited to observe Journey's Healing Circle for my own understanding.  I was not a part of the circle but may have well been considering what I left with.  I had a basic understanding (so I thought); the Circle "helps you work through what seems to be keeping you stuck", and helps resolve issues quickly.  The reality of this experience has no words as it did not feel like reality.  The Circle consisted of all walks of life; some appeared comfortable, some greatly apprehensive.  I would call what I saw (and ended up feeling a part of), no less than a beautiful combination of a dance and a battle.  I had the privilege of seeing individuals become naked to their own soul, allow vulnerability and heal right before my eyes.  The other incredible dynamic was the passion for one another.  There was no room for judgment, simply acceptance and absolute compassion.  My professional view was quickly altered into a realm of hope and shedding limitations toward healing.  We all have that which we can't deal with on our own, many issues tucked so deep we may not be aware.  I can't describe a safer environment to take an open mind and a desire to heal; it became clear to me that the rest will happen through the live in the room and the love of God.

Jennifer S.

September 2012

Every time I walk thru the doors at Journeys, I feel like I have finally found my family and come home a last. Thank you! The classes you host are very spiritually uplifting and resonate deep within me like nothing else does.

Katherine D.

April 2011

Awareness through Transformation is a magical synthesis of inspiration, intuition, planning and skill. Each moment of this experiential training is spirit-led and crafted to meet participant's individual needs. This results in a fertile ground for healers to release blocks, expand skills and explore new modalities.

My transformational journey began in 1989. Since that time I have attended and facilitated many transformational trainings and healing sessions. Even with this background, Awareness Through Transformation was a unique and powerful experience that facilitated the dissolution of a “wall” around my heart chakra I had carried unconsciously through many lifetimes. In essence... I feel reborn.

I feel deep gratitude to Spirit for drawing me to the training and to Lisa and Torrii for listening to Spirit and providing this amazing medium for my transformation…


Vanessa U.

March 2011

The awareness training was an amazing healing and learning experience. Lisa holds a loving space for each person that creates a safe haven for surrendering to spirit and blasting through blocks that keep us from reaching our true essence. I highly recommend this training for any person who wants to reach their highest potential to become the healer they wish to be. Lisa’s loving support and remarkable intuitive/empathic abilities will assist in bringing forth a person’s inner light.

Theresa P.

March 2011

I have never been in a training that has such an amazing transformation for people. I witnessed lives changing before my eyes. The love and compassion shown for the group was wonderful. Since the class, I have had wonderful experiences, including a heightened awareness and a love that has grown deep within my soul. My eyes have been opened and this class has given me the tools to live in awe of the universe. Lisa's ability to lovingly support and guide the training was indescribable; she is an amazing leader and works truly from her heart. I will never be the same; and for that I am forever grateful.

Debra F.

March 2011

Awareness Through Transformation has brought a new awareness into my life; helping my heart to Open .. Giving me permission to be myself OUT LOUD..... every day since the first class I have experienced a rush of emotion, creating a platform for me to fall in love with me . I have never felt alone during this shift in my reality.. Torrii and Lisa have laid the ground for a safe and loving connection to the group and for souls to connect. Namaste

Robin G.

March 2011

I found this process very informative, and thought-provoking. It is a life changing experience. The Awakening through Transformation is a gift that keeps on giving! I have a new way of communicating to myself and other people….I am really excited now at the prospect of trusting myself and thinking and doing things differently. Lisa is always loving and caring in her work, she holds you in love as you work through any and all blocks in your life, bringing you back to a relaxed loving state of being. Through this experience I am confident, and have grown in my abilities to help guide others through their own life's awakening and transformation. Thank you Lisa!

Eileen S.

March 2011

Lisa Solterbeck possesses an extraordinary ability to see you at your “soul level."  With that insight, she is able to awaken that piece inside you that wants to come out screaming, I am HERE for the first time!  Awarness Through Transformation is a class that is truly a “gift” to yourself.  Lisa’s approach is gentle, deliberate and intent on focusing on each person as a unique individual.  Lisa is able to communicate in a way everyone will “get it."   Lisa is determined to “awaken” the you inside you that has forgotten to be you.  Lisa provides a learning environment where one will witness what we might call a miracle or you may even be one!   You will find yourself living in a “profound” state having attended this class architected by Lisa Solterbeck.   “Touched”, “awakened” and living BIGGER than ever!



April 2011

Beginners Intuition was a life changing class. Lisa helped me ask the questions my soul needed answers to. It was a heart opening and soul strengthening experience. I am forever grateful .Thank you for your help along my journey.

Elizabeth E.

April 2011

Lisa and Torrii have provided the environment and space I needed to be able to work through my blocks, pain, and emotions to be able to find and love myself. I can go into a healing session knowing that I am going to be safe, well cared for, and unconditionally loved no matter what part of me is exposed. By being willing to trust them to take me deep within myself, I am learning that there is no part of myself that is unlovable; it is all beautiful, and every part has served a purpose in bringing me to where I am today. When I have moments of fear, and it is challenging to find the love for myself and to chose me, Lisa and Torrii meet me with love, patience, and understanding, allowing me to then find it for myself. Thank you ladies. You have shown me that with unconditional love there are no limitations in stepping up to all of who I am meant to be. The healing work you do changes lives; it has and continues to change mine.

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