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Tai Chi – QiGong – Shibashi

Tai Chi – QiGong – Shibashi

QiGong is a process which integrates posture and intention for the

cultivation, circulation, and transformation of Qi ~ the life force in every

person and thing! Depletion, blockage or stagnation leads to disease and degeneration. With practice, QiGong can clear blockages and help restore and recharge our vital energy, thereby deterring illness. Shibashi Set 1 begins with a standing QiGong to increase the quantity of our Qi, followed by a slow-moving form of QiGong exercise, consisting of 18 separate movements to circulate the Qi. Finally, we finish with meditative QiGong to increase the quality of our Qi.

Facilitated by Pam Hampton and held at Journeys Annex at 1595 Cottage St NE Salem, OR 97301

Class size is limited to 10 people so please call 503.991.5091 to reserve your spot!

$100 for a six-week course
Mondays starting February 3rd

Time: 6pm – 7pm