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Tai Chi ~ Qi Gong

Tai Chi ~ Qi Gong

Come and learn the ancient art of Tai Chi.  Learn to relax, breath and move with a purpose.  Calm the mind and gain strength at the same time.  Practice with Jon, a student of well-respected and beloved David Leung.

What is Tai Chi?

 Yang Style Tai Chi: An internal martial art that emphasizes development of strength, balance and body awareness through the practice of traditional body postures. This style is characterized by slow and fluid movements, solid stances, and beautiful form.

Qi Gong: Qi Gong is an ancient method of energy training that combines simple stretching sequences with posture holding. The emphasis is on the practitioner’s body alignment and relaxation. Forms develop physical power, while also promoting health and wellness.

About Instructor Jon-Jon has been studying Tai Chi and various internal martial arts systems for the past 6+ years.  He started in Wing Chun Gong-Fu, and later in life began study of Tai Chi, studying both Yang Style and Chen Tai Chi.  Jon has also focused on studying various Qigong forms, including, Yin-Yang Medical qigong and Eight-silk Brocade, amongst others.  He has been very fortunate to study with his Sifu, Master David Leung, as his primary teacher and has also had the opportunity to study with various masters from China including, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (Chen Tai Chi) and Master George Xu. Jon is very thankful to the caring and insightful family of instructors and students at Leung Martial Arts in Eugene and hopes to carry on the tradition of community and helping others find inner strength and awareness that can be cultivated in the arts.

Class Cost:  One month (per class topic, 4-5 sessions) $45.00,
Drop in fee- $15.00 (per class)

2 classes Every Thursday 

Qigong and Tai Chi Fundementals Class-

Time: 5:10pm – 6pm 

Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Class-

Time: 6pm – 7pm 
Contact Info: Phone- 541-510-5379, email: