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Life Transitions Support Group

Life Transitions Support Group

“…Life is going to change, period. It’s just not going to stay the same.”
~ Robert Paff, PhD

This group is for those seeking support in a safe, confidential place as they navigate the many, many transitions of life. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their story (ever-changing and evolving!) in a compassionate setting, and have support as they experience life changes, deal with emotions, make choices, and transition onward. Understand stress, distress, self-care, and decisions as aspects of our life experience. Learn simple ways to create calm, focus, relaxation, and inner peace and in partnership, build the group’s process on the needs of the participants.

After meeting six weeks, we’ll assess whether folks would like Life Transitions to continue, and how often to meet. As part of my own personal life journey, Life Transitions is part of my “give back” to others and Journeys for all the blessings that have come my way, including Lisa and Torrii, who have been there unflinchingly through the toughest of times.

4-5:30 pm
February 6 through March 12
with Patti McNeff
Open group, drop-in ok, just be on time, please
No fee; donations welcome but never required
Any donations from participants will go toward further building the Journeys community in a sharing way.

About Patti: Retired since 2015 and turning 74 very soon, I’ve searched within and outside myself to figure out my life purpose in my senior years. A helper and nurturer since early childhood, that’s always a part of my purpose. Another part of my “job” now is to take better care of myself and be healthily selfish. I’m doing much better at that lately!

With clarity, I know another part of my path is to strive to make the world a better place as much as I can and to love others with a compassionate heart and smiles.
The Life Transitions group is an expression of that, as well as my “give back, give forward” choice. I also like to feed people, so don’t be surprised if I show up to the group with muffins or cookies or beg others to help eat a pot of soup I felt compelled to make.

Earlier in life, I got my MSW at the University of Washington, my BS at Oregon State, and my LCSW in Oregon. I worked nearly 50 years doing all kinds of things as a social worker and helping people get through every kind of life challenge possible. Workshops and groups were my favorite activity professionally; family, friends, active living, pets, our home Windsong Ranch, gardening, riding motorcycle with my husband for 36 years, travel, reading, and being a grandma were and remain my favorite personal ways to spend precious time, and/or to relish the sweet memories of times past.