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How to Remove CBR650F Fairings

hey everyone after a couple of requests I decided to finally make a video of how to remove the fairings on the Honda CBR 650f one of the most annoying steps is taking out this little pin that holds the two lower cows together that’s held together with this pin right here so in order to get that out you want to attack from underneath and push the bottom up and it’ll kind of just pop right out. I also have a couple of pins and folds here that kind of wedge together,cheap motorcycle fairings, so you can just push them apart like that in order to totally remove the lower collar.

you’re gonna need to take off the turn signal wire which if you follow this rubber housing here it comes up and will be a wire coming up here and underneath this housing there should be a orange or blue depending on the side quick disconnect that you can just take apart looks like this now we’re gonna unscrew I think it’s four bolts we got one two three and four for some reason this top one by the engine block is the angles is difficult ,cbr 500r fairings,so that I actually partially stripped this last time I know I’m having a hard time so just pay careful attention especially if you’re using a power drill at the angle of that one and then if I were called to take the top cowl off it’s just here and here this is the difficult boat location .

I was talking about I don’t know what happened to it but mine was stripped and I had to drill it out I mean I’ve done this a couple times and I knew it was getting bad so I ordered a replacement but anyway just be careful of that one the bottom one’s pretty self-explanatory ,cbr 500r fairings,so you can just do that if you need to but the reason I did this was I was I mean the radiators always I was trying to wash it out and you know fix a little screwdriver all the little broken foil thingies give the pipes of clean I wanted to pull one of these old inspection stickers off and just generally clean up this area because it’s a difficult area to get to so anyway I hope that helps and thanks for watching.