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Halloween Psychic/Wellness Fair

Halloween Psychic/Wellness Fair

Our readers, intuitives, psychics, healers, numerologists, artists and clarity specialists are offering the opportunity for us to re-member, re-flect, and re-align ourselves with the essence of who we are: Pure Love and Light. We also have new practitioners joining us this month. Lots of practitioners, as well as vendors selling their wares. Delightful, indeed!

This is our yearly Halloween event. Don’t forget to come in costume and help us celebrate this wonderful season. Everyone will be dressed for the event. It’s so much fun. There will be door prizes and a costume contest, as well as goodies for your refreshment. Come, find your people…we are waiting for you!
Welcome Home!

Practitioners to be announced:

October 29th
11 – 4pm
Free Entry & Prices vary per practitioner