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Finding Your True North – A Retreat

Finding Your True North – A Retreat

Mount Shasta is the root chakra of Mother Earth, this beautiful area holds the perfect energy for Cherry Divine and Lisa Solterbeck’s transformational three-day retreat, “Finding Your True North”.

What does it mean to find your “True North”

The same as a compass point toward a magnetic field, your “true north” is compiled of your deepest beliefs and principles, cheap trx,it is your internal compass which is unique to who you are. When you are completely in sync with your “true north” you feel the magic of who you are. You feel alive, confident and can claim yourself without hesitation.

During this three-day retreat in the magical energy of Mount Shasta Cherry and Lisa will assist you in going inward so that you may reconnect, reclaim and fully embrace all that you are.

Mount Shasta’s energy is a potent catalyst awakening people to the highest possible version of themselves, trx training,The mountain and surrounding areas contain many vortex’s and portals that hold frequencies that assist in each person’s spiritual evolution.

Through guided meditations, channeled messages,,along with other techniques and tools you will journey inward to find the fuller expression of life you are.  Led by Cherry Divine & Lisa Solterbeck.

For more information visit:

1pm Sept. 13th – 4pm Sept. 15th 

Mt Shasta