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what’s going on u-tube how is everybody doing out there hope everybody’s doing well take a look guys we got the Air Jordan 3 pure whites on deck we’re about to get into a little review not too much to talk about you know into all-white shoe man these release on July 21st but yeah man big shout-out to my bro holy sneaks,cheap jordan 11, all his information be in the description below if you guys looking to get some kicks head up my bro holy let’s get straight into these bad boys show you guys they look like on feet let me know.

if you like them on feet if you don’t like them you know let me know in the comments all that good stuff also subscribe to the channel hit that thumbs up don’t forget hit the notification bell all that good stuff as for quality of the shoot is very nice I must say the leather is on points like all your regular threes that released this year then when I push down you know real softly now the elephant print on the front of the shoe is a little like grayish kind of whitish you know I’m saying all white tumble leather on the front of the toe box you got your white laces going up on the tongue you got your white stitch then jump man with the tumble leather on the tongue also does come with the hand tag this is pretty cool .

you got your jump man with the air and all clear hanging tag very very nice you know I’m saying something different take a look at the medial side same as the lateral you got your tumble leather upper with your white on the midsole air bubble unit clear take a look at the back you got your all-white in the back with the white jump man white air everything white inside inside you got white inner sole sock line and white bottom all I see with your Jordan right there,Jordan 11 china, I had to pick these up definitely a fan of the threes think they’re really nice and clean summertime fine you know I’m saying definitely a double shoe let you guys see what they look like on feet right now don’t forget hit that thumbs up subscribe to the channel got more videos to come here Jordan 3 pure whites on deck let’s get into this song feet is your boy D is Dan and I’m gone that sleep makes nigga secret sauce. I know we ain’t saying in a minute we speak in a minute we ain’t freaking a minute no we ain’t made in a minute . sippin on this Jack I’m moving now slow everything about Oh I want to speak about the dirty tank I walked oh yeah where you been I seen you in the club boy your friends I have just been a good girl and you bear that so I gotta go I know in in a minute ,cheap jordan 11 low,I know we ain’t speaking a minute I know we ain’t freaking a minute in a minute I just had a bit for a minute for a minute we let a nigga break for a minute if I’m thinking even in those valence yeah even in your feathers you been in y’all fellas you possibly Oh mr. Graham like y’all need a mario’s person in your fellas you been in your furnace but you want to the next song in the context like fuck . fuck but you want to the next I mean ugly text like fuck