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A Red Thread Circle: Your Story Matters!

A Red Thread Circle: Your Story Matters!

Red Thread Circles are about weaving the common threads of our story together. By gathering together, we share stories, hope and dreams. We all know this is a time in our history for coming
together. The Red Thread makes this easy to do – with a profound capacity for connecting minds and hearts around what matters. This inclusive activity is where we start the evening…Working with Your Story!
When you share your story it allows your story to move. When your story moves, there is room for a new story. At this gathering Sepha
will bring a fun and easy project to share with you. So often our old stories and tapes keep us stuck in the same place. During this relaxing evening she will show you a creative way to access your old stories and change them to new ones. Using meditation, words, color and symbols, we will trek to access your own inner knowing. Putting your marks on paper helps cement the change deep into our being. There is power in Mindful Creating!
materials are provided. If you have a journal please
bring it with you! No Experience or creative ability is

About Sepha Nisbet
Sepha loves to play using all sorts of things! It’s all a great mystery when she begins, never knowing what will happen. Many times inquiry will lead her to new things she hasn’t done before. Thinking thoughts that haven’t been thought before. That’s when the Magic really begins as she jumps into the pool of Possibilities!
Sepha’s passion is bringing the joy and empowerment of the creative process into the lives of her community. She is a certified Intentional Creative Teacher and Coach, and member of the Intentional Creatives Guild.

Thursday, May 25th