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what is going on everybody I go by the name Akari you don’t want to thank you guys for joining me here today on sneaker fetish once again title is not clickbait we really do have the shoe in hand today so without further ado let’s get right into it boom and there it is ladies and gentlemen this is the 2019 Air Jordan bred 11 we got a lot of things to talk about today obviously we’re taking a look at one of the most iconic sneakers of all time and it’s coming back in 2019 just in time for the Christmas holiday currently rumored to release around December the 17th so the way we’re gonna do this is first we’re gonna take a look at the shoe then we’re gonna talk about its impact then I’m gonna talk about exactly what I think is gonna happen around December and how you may not want to sleep on these starting with the upper of the shoe again classic design very classic silhouette you can never go wrong with the air join 11 for so many different reasons all black upper traditional bread 11 color blocking here of course you have that beautiful patent leather Rand going all around the sneaker and in typical joint 11 fashion that we’ve seen with the last few jordan levin releases this one has a little higher leather cut with those widow’s Peaks those little triangles here right there on the leather on both lateral medial and toe box of this shoe you can probably see that widows peaking right about there a little bit better on the toe box of the shoe as well of course you see the beautiful Cordura nylon or cord or MSM you guys call it ballistic mesh upper of the shoe giving you amazing maneuverability flexibility and elasticity of this shoe got that iconic red stitched Jumpman on the lateral side of the sneaker classic white midsole true white not a sale color or any other variation of white but a true white midsole take a look at the upper of the shoe the first thing that you notice that may be more true to its og variation is the fact that you can kind of see this white outline going down and around on the upper portion of the patent leather cut we really haven’t seen this exposed leather that gives it that white look Lily ever since the og version all the other versions have had a more gloss over black look all the way around of course you have the classic third spacing Jumpman Jordan tag with the red Jumpman right in the middle of it second nod to the og variation of this sneaker is the fact that we get a different version of the carbon fiber shape link the carbon fiber of the 2019 the bread 11 features a really light almost white looking carbon-fiber shank plate as opposed to the grain or a silver looking carbon fiber that we’ve seen on the last three releases I don’t know why everybody does that but I guess they just want to for the carbon fiber moving down to the outsole of the shoe you get a translucent red rubber outsole on this sneaker here not only was the red translucent rubber used for better traction on the shoe but it also allows you to see the inner workings of that carbon fiber shank plate underneath typical join 11 outsole here you got the two pods at the top one pot at the bottom you have the black heel traction pattern here and then up here at the top of the foot here by the ball of the jordans, you have the black traction pattern moving around to the heel of the shoe you’ll notice this year on the 2019 version of the Brent 11 that the 2 3 is actually a little bit stretched out which is more reminiscent of the og version now in previous verses of the pret 11 the 2 3 was actually a little bit narrower and maybe a little bit taller on the heel of the shoe but this year again in OG form we’re gonna get a little more stretched out version of that 2 3 and of course on the left shoe the jump man is facing the opposite direction really nice padding inside of the collar of the shoe for the 2019 bred 11 as well as the tongue of the shoe trademark joined 11 tag on the back of the tongue quality basketball products inspired by the greatest player ever you guys probably have that memorized by now.

with that red Jumpman right in the middle now while we take a look at the insole of the shoe there’s actually a couple of legit checks that I’m gonna show you guys as well because I’ve seen a couple of fakes already floating around here and I want to make sure that you guys are looking at the real deal first things first on the insole here you get a black insole with white Nike arrow G branding on the heel now.what I’ve seen in a lot of replicas is for whatever reason the Nike Air branding on the heel is red if it’s red it’s not the real deal now on the back of the insole here you’ll notice if there’s a little blue ink here which is actually rubbed off from the stamp inside of the floor of the shoe ,cheap jordans online,if you don’t see that stamp from quality control you might be dealing with a shoe that’s not the real deal hopefully you guys can see in the floor of the shoe you can see that blue ink that’s actually stamped on there in the inside of the shoe as well while we’re talking about inside of the shoe I also notice that there are some replica pairs out there that have white stitching inside of the shoe is well now on the real pairs it’s going to be black stitching so be on the lookout when you’re taking a look at these pairs or someone is trying to sell their pair to you and because I know you guys want to see every nook and cranny of the shoe this is the new 2019 size tag

.that’s going to be on these bred 11s and because I know you guys are gonna ask me in the comments the production dates on this pair say April 16 2019 to May 31st of 2019 please keep in mind that production dates can vary depending on the pair of shoes that you have depending on the size or the type of shoe that you have as well but y’all are gonna call these fake anyway so let’s move on now let’s talk a little bit about the history of the sneaker and what makes it so iconic first of all this is the fifth release and the fourth retro of the bred 11 now I’ll be real with you guys I was late to the game so the only other pair of bred Elevens that I had was the 2012 version which I was really disappointed in the packaging of the 2012 version because remember what we just got that basic black Jordan box with the big white jump man on the top and we didn’t get a slide out drawer box to meet I was trashed and they just threw that red 11 plastic inside of it as well and just expected us to go about our business and be happy we did because Brett Elevens but at the end of the day I think everybody wanted that pulled out drawer box I’m hoping that this year we also get to pulled out drawer box for these but what you guys are watching this sound I’m down in the comments below let me know which version of the brand Elevens are currently you guys collections are you an OG and you’ve got the 96 s you got the old ones you got the ohc DP pack or the 2012 version the crazy thing about this shoe is that it grew in popularity year after year after year when it released now to me I actually want the CDP pack version because of all of those countdown packs that used to come out back in the day I really think that B’s with those Taxi twelves or probably the most coveted ones out of all of them you guys remember that Pantone blue pack and it had those really nice Pantone blue Jordan Elevens with those trash were they jordan 22s or 23’s whatever they were Oh terrible pack but again the shoe became iconic for many many reasons number one was Michael Jordan wearing them to win his first championship in 1996 when he came back from his retirement it was also the first championship that he had won since the untimely and tragic passing of his father remember he also won that championship on father’s days,cheap jordan shoes, it was really a great way to honor his father and he did it wearing these so this forever a special place in the heart of the og sneaker history heads when it comes to the bread 11 now of course it’s a popular shoe because it just looks nice it’s a really really good looking shoe the bread 11 is the shoe that your non sneaker heads that really are near the sneakers that have one pair in their collections normally this is a shoe that they have in that collection and normally they call it those black and red Jordans both men and women that may not really be in the sneakers still just love the way that this look it’s easy colors that you can match up with anything in your wardrobe it’s an amazing sneaker wear it’s a fashion statement the patent leather catches everybody’s eye the form and functionality is just incredible a lot of people call it the perfect sticker besides the Air Jordan one which of course had the black and red color now for the Hooper’s this shoe is iconic as well because again this was really the cheat code when t Kerr designed the shoe for Michael Jordan tinkers spent hours watching film of Michael Jordan and really tweaked this shoe to perform and react to his game and the best way possible to give him a competitive advantage over all of his opponents so everything from putting in the ballistic mesh to making this shoe lighter but yet keeping his durability the patent leather was not just a fashion statement but it was also used to reinforce the sneaker because Michael was having problems busting through his sneakers and breaking his sneakers think of him as the early 90s Zion Williamson the carbon fiber was added to the shoe in lieu of plastic shank plates that were in most basketball sneakers at the time to make it stronger and lighter and faster so the carbon fiber actually has the ability to spring and react to Michael Jordan’s quick movements and quick directions on the basketball court so these are an amazing shoot a hoop in and when you have a shoe that the OCI’s love that are into their history that the Hooper’s love that are in to function over fashion and the casual wear loves that are into fashion over function so that’s the trifecta right there there was an early rumor that came out that they were making 2.1 million pairs of this sneaker I don’t see that happening but I will tell you guys this from what I know and from what I’ve heard so far there are going to be more pairs of these considerably more pairs of these then there were of the concorde 11 that released previously now you guys remember the most recent concorde Jordan 11 release was the biggest sneaker release in the history of Nike and Jordan Brand selling somewhere between 1 & 1.1 million pairs of that shoe an easy 30 million dollar day for Nike and Jordan Brand but honestly the bread 11 has a lot more demand on it than the Concorde 11 so I’ll be honest with you guys they could probably drop 2 million pairs and still sell out so like I said previously I wouldn’t sleep on these if I were you yes there’s gonna be a lot of pairs yes they’re gonna be probably in every sneaker store you could possibly imagine and guess what the OGS are gonna come through and they’re gonna triple up on this sneaker because it might be another 7 years before we get it again you don’t want to sleep on these I guarantee you that but with all that said that pretty much breaks down to 2019 Air Jordans bread 11 now some for you guys to sound off down in the comments let me know what you guys think about this sneaker here is this gonna be one that’s on you must top list do you have an old pair an old dusty pair that you need to go on replace or is this gonna be your first time topping these or are you gonna avoid the madness and just skip these all together.

I also want to remind you guys to be really careful when this sneaker comes out because the big hyped up releases always bring the savages out and it always brings about a lot of violence y’all please be careful when you’re buying these sneakers or just buy them online and keep yourself totally safe of course wear you down in the comments make sure that you click on that little subscribe button down there we would love to walk you into the secret fighters family to make sure you don’t miss out on any more heat that comes through like these because I guarantee you as crazy as these are I got a lot more heat on the way if you’d like to see an on foot video of the bred 11 2019 go ahead and click a like on this video as well now to let me know that you guys really want to see that it maybe will put something together for you soon as always.

I want to thank you guys for joining me here today on sneaker bet is taking a look at these with me for a couple of minutes I go by the name Akari this is the air jordan bread 11 for 2019 and before I go sneaker file is just tweeted out today that there’s an Air Jordan one that’s coming out that pictures have already released and it’s been a confirmed drop I can’t think of what shoe that might be but uh I think it’s one that you guys told me was a fake in any event until next time I’m out.