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2004 Gsxr 600 unpainted fairings white

yeah so with the eBay Motorsports superstore we’re gonna see what just unpainted the body kid look like decided to open her up a little bit I like to make sure everything’s to the specs that I need to be so I good and get him good feedback I’m already liking the fact that it was bubble wrapped no came from Cali I’m in DC the liability is out of place and the bikes the box is pretty light it’s not really a heavy box UPS dude I was at work he looked out put it in my backyard that was perfect but then came back at still any sign see there’s nice these little distant particles where the five piece set I got everything.

except the tank they bless you with a UH some heating shield I think you that’s the heating show you’re pulling to put in there probably do that before I put the LED lights on again this is – this is this is it I can’t wait to see how that’s gonna look ,yamaha r1 fairings,when I dip it that’s the part right there I really needed Charlie should he gave me everything chassis additional wish you do some dip into that what I guess but we’re wiping that let’s learn all right definitely came through we decided to open it up show you what it will looks painted but it’s an unpainted five piece body kit that comes with the that I got from motor Supersport see is a little dirty mm-hmm it’s interesting see some scratches in there anything already I’m not really upset because I’m doing something over anyway ,cbr 500r fairings,so I’m just gonna clean it anyway she did her nice and right I’m not really too worried .

I got it full good deal online these body kids normally run about four or five hundred dollars I spent two twenty five I think I mean it says new but you know what I’m about to do to her she gonna be new,cheap motorcycle fairings, so hey man I’m just want to show you all an opportunity with these friends look like straight out the box if stay tuned imma go ahead and start being more live on this page and I’ll show some of my work