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I’m here to receive a package from china under way accustomed to Suzuki GSXR fairing ok paint that’s about price okay yeah that’s there’s a very fine he’ll do it I’m sure I don’t need a pictures of the southern hand it website yes one scratch right here looks ok but they don’t see to be very strong we’re not gonna find out ,cheap motorcycle fairings,you can see where this thing was for the inside some Patrick’s Day 2014 more days.

we just marked holes for dinner houses of a break lines but they didn’t actually make the house so I have to be drilled to 230 GSXR 750 ever really truthful to make a little bit of extra money,2006 gsxr 600 fairings, it was pretty bad seems very very sour couple of times I didn’t pay much for this I thought that our the experiment Alibaba laptop device for an express it took over a month since the day that I clear the payment until today $354 they have four candles and adjustable I got to pick up you know the same corner but my cheeks originally.

I don’t wanna change I like general policy like that my helmets you can with a lot he’ll never be the video bit no bitch cake Mexican seems to be alright good one stretches somebody life savers everybody season is changing drastically weather holds me scream what I didn’t know and the seller didn’t put the he came with the windshield ,gsxr 600 fairings,I’m the green screen right here I have already they have IDs also came with this keep protector they believe that it was on around the fairings that’s about that big box you can see right there come with all the cars from we radiator protector the I know there are pictures on the inside .